Information On Retaining Your Will

Retaining Your Will

We would recommend that you consider the following steps, now your Will has been finalised:

1. You should keep your copy with your private papers.

2. You should tell your executors that the original Will was deposited with Eaton-Evans & Morris Solicitors of 12 High Street in Haverfordwest.

We would also remind you:

1. If you marry after the date of this Will, it will in most cases be automatically revoked, and you should consult your solicitor again.

2. If you become divorced, or you have your marriage annulled or declared void after the date of this Will, in most cases any appointment of your former spouse as executor or trustee will be automatically cancelled and any devise or bequest to them will lapse, in which case you should consult your solicitor again.

3. In the following events, you are advised to mention the same to your solicitor in case any alterations in your Will become desirable:

  1. If you change your name, or anyone mentioned in the Will changes theirs;
  2. If an executor dies or becomes unsuitable to act due to age or ill health etc
  3. If a beneficiary dies;
  4. If you have specifically bequeathed any property which you subsequently sell, or which changes its nature;
  5. If your estate increases materially in value as it may do anyway due to inflation.

4. If you wish at any time to REVOKE or ALTER your Will you should consult your solicitor so that the legal formalities can be observed – otherwise your wishes may not take effect.

5. Frequently amendments of the law relating to Inheritance Tax and other taxes make it wise for you to consult your solicitor periodically as they may advise you to change your Will or make gifts or take other steps in your lifetime to ensure the best disposition of your estate.

For further information about your Will or making a Will please contact our private client department.