Matrimonial Pricing

Thank you for looking at our Matrimonial services and below are a small selection of our fee structures.


Where you petition for the divorce and it is not going to be contested

£700 plus VAT at 20% and disbursements*. 

We will deal with the complete service, from instruction to finalising the divorce.  However, we do ask that you respond to our questions promptly and provide us with the necessary documentation when requested.  By doing so your divorce could be finalised within approx 6 months.  (However this does not include dealing with the division of matrimonial assets or issues relating to children)

*A standard court fee will be payable unless you qualify for an exemption through the remission fee process.

Where you are responding to a petition from your spouse and do not wish to contest

£350 plus VAT @ 20%

We will support you through the process and provide you with advice where necessary.

The above fixed fees are based on dealing with the divorce only. 

Contested divorce

Speak to our legal advisor we can provide you with a number of options that will fit your circumstances.  You can also pay by instalments.