Client Portal User Guide

What is a ‘Portal’?

Our portal provides you with a direct link into key electronic information that we hold relating to your legal matter.  This could be in the form of incoming mail, outgoing mail, legal documents, invoices, reports and financial statements. 

How will I know if my case is on your ‘Portal’?

You will be asked at the beginning of your matter what your preferred method of communication is; Portal, E-Mail or Royal Mail.  If you have chosen our portal service then you will be provided with a log in and an initial password (which you will need to change on your first log in).

Do you have a user guide?

Yes, our software provider has provided a guide which you can find here.

What if I have previously used the portal for a previous matter?

Your log in details are linked to the details that we hold for you and this will not change unless your circumstances were to change.  Where this occurs we may need to issue you with a fresh log in.

What if I have multiple on going matters, such as a sale and a purchase?

You will be able to view all your matters under your one log in.

What if I am still not sure what to do?

If you require any help please do not hesitate to contact our office for further guidance.