Employment Law

We appreciate that problems can arise and do arise in the work place and these issues can be time consuming and challenging for any business.  We are here to help you with any issues during or after your employment with the focus on resolution and settlement. 

Employment law can be complicated and ever changing and you can rely upon us to guide you through the complexities that effect your organisation or dispute.  We act for businesses of all sizes from start-ups through SMEs to limited companies and yet we always aim to provide a personal service which is tailored to your precise needs and resources. We offer a practical and flexible approach providing your business with various options on how to access and fund our legal advice.  We will always work with you to develop relationships that are trusted and responsive to your specific needs.

Whatever your issues or dispute we are committed to providing you with a professional service and transparent advice at a reasonable cost.

I am an employer, do my employees need employment contracts?

Regardless of whether you have a written contract or not, there is still a contract between you and your employee. Whilst you are not legally obliged to provide a written contract, we would strongly advise that you do consider a written contract. These protect not only you as an employer, but also your employee. They avoid misunderstandings and allow you to include terms relating to things such as dismissal, holiday entitlement and redundancies. Whilst written employment contracts are not a legal requirement; please bear in mind that written statement of employment particulars are. Employment contracts can be made bespoke to your employments needs and we would be happy to assist further.

I want to dismiss an employee, am I able to?

Whether or not you can dismiss an employee is dependent on various factors such as how long the employee has been employed with you, what written contract is in place and your reasons for the dismissal. In any case of dismissal, you must ensure it is done fairly. If the dismissal is not dealt with correctly, you may find you are faced with an employment tribunal case against you. Therefore we would recommend you obtain legal advice before proceeding to dismiss an employee. If you are looking to dismiss an employee and wish to obtain legal advice, please contact our employment team.

Am I able to place restrictive terms in my employees written contacts?

Most employment tribunals frown upon employers placing restrictive terms in an employment contract. We would advise that all terms within a contract go no more than necessary to protect your business. By imposing unnecessary restrictive clauses may result in that clause in the contract being deemed void and unenforceable. It is best practice to ensure your written contracts are fair on both yourself and your employee. We would be more than happy to discuss this with you in greater detail if you contact one of our employment team.